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About us

Switchable is all about helping households make the switch to greener home improvement technologies that will help them slash their energy bills and carbon footprint. With energy prices at unprecedented highs, the need for households to keep their bills in check has probably never been greater.


Our goal

Our goal is to make the process of finding out which eco measures are suitable for your home more straightforward than never. No need for you to go trawling through all the different options out there, we do all the work for you and provide you with tailored options and tell you exactly what your home needs, how much it might cost, and how much you might save.

How do we do it?

Based on the current EPC certificate for your property, we are able to identify which key eco measures, such as solar panels, heat pumps or insulation, are recommended for your home. We take away the guesswork for you and remove any risk involved by introducing you only to trusted installers with a proven track record when it comes to eco-friendly home improvement measures. 


Helping achieve a greener future

With a net zero target for carbon emissions for the UK set for 2050, the need for households to do their bit is apparent. We are here to help make the process of switching to eco-friendly or renewable sources of energy more straightforward.


Whether a household has a real need to properly insulate their home, or they are seeking an alternative and greener means of powering and heating their home, such as through solar Pv panels or heat pumps, we can help. The cost of installing these types of measures has become more affordable in recent years, yet it is still a significant investment for many households to make. We want to make you confident that that investment is worth it.  

About Switchable

Helping you access grant funding

More and more funding avenues have opened up to households providing them with an opportunity to receive funding towards eco improvements, and they don’t necessarily have to be receiving government benefits in order to be eligible. Grant eligibility can sometimes be a complex area, but working with trusted installers (and with your permission) we can make the necessary enquiries to determine your eligibility for any of the available grants.

Schemes like ECO4, ECO+, and LA Flex are just some of the funding avenues that households could benefit from and make their homes more energy efficient at a fraction of the cost.