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Solar Panels For A Garage: Ultimate Guide

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guide to add solar panels to a garage

On many UK roofs, solar panels are becoming a familiar sight. That comes as no surprise given that these solar cells can potentially power your home the majority of the year, boost its market value, and lessen your carbon impact.

Solar panels can be employed in many more places, despite the fact that most homeowners only associate them with advantages for their homes. Is it possible to utilise solar panels for a garage? If so, what is the best approach to take?

You can get all the information you need about generating and using solar energy for a garage in the UK in our comprehensive guide below.

garage with side solar panels

Can I Put Solar Panels On My Garage Roof?

In a word, it’s a genuine possibility. Installing solar panels on your garage roof can be a good option in some but not all cases. Remember that your garage does need to be situated in a position to receive enough sunlight, just like any solar PV panel. Your garage roof must also be large enough for the solar panels to produce sufficient electricity for the solar installation to be a worthwhile investment.

Pros and Cons of Solar Power for a Garage in the UK

It is definitely worthwhile to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of mounting solar panels on your garage outbuilding if you’re thinking about using solar energy for your garage. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Pros of Using Solar Power for a Garage in the UK


      • You annually save money by using solar panels. Your monthly energy bill does not include the solar energy produced by the sun. The panels will over time pay back their initial cost.

      • Power your garage easily. Installing solar panels in your garage may even enable you to completely disconnect it from the grid.

    • You’re helping to make the world greener. No pollutants are released into the atmosphere during the production or use of solar energy. Thus, you contribute to environmental conservation by installing solar panels in your garage.

    Cons of Using Solar Power for a Garage in the UK


        • There are some garage roofs that are not ideal for solar panels. Solar energy won’t be used to its full potential on garage roofs that receive insufficient sunlight and are not the right roof orientation or have too little open space on them.

        • Comparatively high start-up costs. A solar panel installation can initially be quite expensive, costing thousands of pounds. In the long run, though, the savings may eventually outweigh the initial cost of having the solar panels installed.

      How Much Does it Cost to Add Solar Panels to a Garage?

      The costs associated with using solar energy to run your garage vary depending on the situation. Among the crucial elements are:


          • How much energy the solar panels are expected to generate

          • The size of the roof space in your garage

          • How panel panels you’d like to install

          • The costs you’ll be charged by your solar panel installer

        Small solar systems can sometimes be sufficient. Installing such a system can be done without the need for a significant outlay. On the other hand, a more complex comprehensive solar panel system might take more than 9 years to finally pay off

        garage with solar panels

        Is Installing Solar Panels on a Garage Without Planning Permission?

        Since 2008, most solar panel installations do not require a planning permit. You can put solar panels on your garage – typically this would be a detached garage – without needing planning permission as long as the panels are mounted on a building that is neither a listed structure nor located in a conservation area.

        Homeowners in the UK must still go by a few regulations in order to install solar panels on the roofs of their garages. Let’s look at them now.


            • The maximum distance that solar panels should extend from the edge of the roof is 20 cm.

            • Remove any solar panels from the roof that aren’t producing electricity anymore.

            • The installation of solar panels must minimise modifications to the area’s and building’s aesthetics.

            • A solar array, which is a group of connected solar panels, shouldn’t rise higher than the roof’s highest point. The chimney is excluded.

          Can I Put Solar Panels on a Flat Garage Roof?

          Solar panels can be installed on flat roofs, including those of garages. In fact, there are multiple benefits to this, including simpler maintenance and decreased street exposure. In addition, installing solar panels on a flat garage roof is simple, requires less material per square foot, and is more economical.

          The drainage on the roof of the garage is one item you should pay attention to. Your solar system may be in danger from standing water. Working with an experienced solar expert is therefore vital to ensure that you won’t encounter any problems with your solar power installation on a garage roof.

          Solar Panels for Garage Lights and Other Usages

          Once you have solar panels put on your garage roof, you can use these handy gadgets for a variety of beneficial uses. Just consider it. Your solar panels can be used for a variety of things, like lighting up the garage and charging an electric car and other electronic gadgets and tools.

          Solar PV setups with battery storage are going to become more and more commonplace as people increasingly shift towards using EV charging. Using an electric car can become a much more affordable option if you are able to power the vehicle using electricity generated from your own solar power generated from your garage roof space.


          It may be possible to put solar panels on the roof of your home, and make use of the energy produced by the sun, so why not use solar panels on your detached garage?

          With energy prices at unprecedented highs, now is the perfect time to start looking for new ways to spend less money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

          Whether you use your garage as an office, gym, workspace or workshop, installing solar panels on the roof of your garage could save you ££’s over the coming months and years. While it is unlikely you’d be able to generate enough electricity to power your entire home, it could mean that the electricity generated is enough you take your garage completely off the grid.

          It is always best to speak to a specialist when it comes to solar panel installation.  They will be able to advise you on the best way to install solar panels in your garage, how many you will need and also the potential savings you could make on your energy bills. Putting solar panels on a garage roof structure is often a straightforward way of adding a solar power system to your home even when adding solar to the house roof itself isn’t always possible. So reach out for quote for solar panels on your garage today.

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