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Growatt Inverters Review

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Growatt Inverters and solar panels
Growatt Inverters Review 2

Growatt Inverter: Review



Growatt Inverters – In Brief:

Growatt is the world’s No.1 company for inverters, and it also makes other useful solar power products to complete renewable energy systems. It has a good reputation for both quality and affordability, so is an easy choice for customers building a residential or commercial solar power array.

Growatt Company Overview:

Founded in China in 2010, Growatt has become extremely successful: shipping more than 2.6 million inverters to over 100 countries and growing its customer base through reliable products. It also makes Growatt batteries and other ancillary equipment to build complete renewable systems.

Growatt has established branch offices in the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, India and other countries to better serve customers across the world. The company is a global leader at the forefront of R&D and technology innovation in its field and has a reputation for rigorous quality control and good customer service.

Growatt PV Inverter Specifications


Growatt manufactures PV inverters suitable for both on-grid, off-grid and storage systems, for worldwide application in residential and commercial or industrial setups. The system allows for full monitoring control, remote firmware upgrades and site-specific settings. Growatt also provides outcall technical support, which is important when something needs repair.

Growatt solar inverters have a maximum efficiency of 97.6% and a wide input voltage range. This robust inverter is perfect for most domestic photovoltaic systems. With an effective Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) facility, the inverter will maximise energy extraction as weather conditions vary. MPPT tracking has more than 99.5% accuracy. Growatt inverters come with a 5-year warranty as standard, which can be extended to 10 years.

The power capacity of Growatt on-grid inverters – which is the normal residential setup – ranges from 1 kW to 100 kW, and its off-grid and storage inverters cover a power range from 1 kW to 630 kW.

Growatt inverters are ideal for roof-mounted solar panel arrays, where they turn the DC power generated into AC power for use. Or buying an inverter and a battery system as well as a solar panel system will be a greater outlay but more beneficial in the long run as it will enable greater savings over time. This will improve the efficiency of your existing system and should reduce your electricity bill.

The company also manufacture batteries, EV charger systems and smart energy management solutions, so has a range of Growatt products that are complementary to renewable energy power setups including solar power and wind turbines.

MIC 750~3300TL-X series

  • Maximum efficiency of 97.6%
  • Compact design
  • Touch key and OLED display
  • Flexible monitoring options
  • AFCI optional

(AFCI is Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter – a safety feature)

Growatt Datasheet

Input Data  (DC)

Input data (DC)750TL-X1000TL-X1500TL-X2000TL-X2500TL-X3000TL-X3300TL-X
Max. recommended PV power(for module STC)1050W1400W2100W2800W3500W4200W4290W
Max. DC voltage500V500V500V500V550V550V550V
Start Voltage50V50V50V50V80V80V80V
Nominal voltage120V180V250V360V360V360V360V
MPP voltage range50V-500V50V-500V50V-500V50V-500V65V-550V65V-550V65V-550V
No. of MPP trackers1
No. of PV strings per MPP tracker1
Max. input current per MPP tracker13A
Max. short-circuit current per MPP tracker16A


Output Data (AC)

Output data (AC)750TL-X1000TL-X1500TL-X2000TL-X2500TL-X3000TL-X3300TL-X
AC nominal power750W1000W1500W2000W2500W3000W3300W
Max. AC apparent power750VA1000VA1500VA2000VA2500VA3000VA3300VA
Nominal AC voltage (range*)230V (180-280V)*The AC voltage and frequency range may vary depending on specific country grid standards.
AC grid frequency (range*)50/60 Hz (45-55Hz/55-65 Hz)*The AC voltage and frequency range may vary depending on specific country grid standards.
Max. output current3.6A4.8A7.1A9.5A11.9A14.3A14.3A
Adjustable Power Factor0.8 leading…0.8 lagging
AC grid connection typeSingle phase



Max. efficiency97.40%97.40%97.40%97.40%97.60%97.60%97.60%
European efficiency96.50%96.50%97.00%97.00%97.00%97.10%97.10%
MPPT efficiency99.90%

Protection Devices

Protection devices750TL-X1000TL-X1500TL-X2000TL-X2500TL-X3000TL-X3300TL-X
DC reverse polarity protectionYes
DC switchYes
AC/DC surge protectionType III / Type III
Insulation resistance monitoringYes
AC short-circuit protectionYes
Ground fault monitoringYes
Grid monitoringYes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Residual-current monitoring unit  Yes
AFCI protectionOptional


General Data

General Data750TL-X1000TL-X1500TL-X2000TL-X2500TL-X3000TL-X3300TL-X
Operating temperature range–25°C to +60°C
Nighttime power consumption< 0.5W
CoolingNatural convection
Protection degreeIP65
Relative humidity0-100%
DC connectionH4/MC4(Optional)
AC connectionConnector
Interfaces: RS485 / USB/Wi-Fi/GPRS/ RF/LANYes/Yes/Optional/Optional/Optional/Optional
Warranty5 Years/10 Years optional

Growatt Smart Energy Solutions Summary

“Nobody ever got fired by buying IBM” is an old, and probably dated proverb. It means that you should be safe buying from the biggest player in the market. For residential solar inverters, that really is Growatt. They also are good on price so this will help with budgeting your system. The compact design is easy to fit almost anywhere. The inverters are quite robust and should have a decent lifespan. Overall this is a sound choice of inverter for most residential customers.

The only downside is that they have quite a few products on the marketplace and you will need to consult your installer to ensure you have the correct one for the system you are buying.

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