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JA Solar Review

JA Solar Review 1

Facebook Twitter Linkedin JA Solar Panels Review UK: Pros Affordable, good value panels Efficiency 20-24.8% Decent warranty length Sturdy design Reduced degradation Cons Fairly basic design Other companies offer longer warranties Limited product line: no polycrystalline or thin-film panels JA Solar – In Brief: JA Solar is a major China-based solar PV manufacturer. Founded in […]

SunPower Solar Panels Review

SunPower Solar Panels Review 2

Facebook Twitter Linkedin SunPower Solar Panel Review UK: Pros Elegant design with panels having either black or white backsheets Higher power outputs Durability: they can withstand the hardest conditions Record-setting efficient solar panels Top reliability Expected life of 40 years Industry-leading warranty Cons More expensive than most other panels so outlay will be higher SunPower […]

Growatt Inverters Review

Growatt Inverters and solar panels

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Growatt Inverter: Review Pros Low price Very widely used inverter with many satisfied customers Efficiency matches or exceeds similar inverters Cons The large range of products can be confusing Warranty is quite vaguely defined and could be problematic Growatt Inverters – In Brief: Growatt is the world’s No.1 company for inverters, and […]