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How Much Does It Cost To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?

no pigeons on solar panels

At a time of high electricity prices, solar is an even better option to power your home or business. Usually, they have minimal maintenance requirements, but this isn’t always the case if your solar panels have been invaded by pigeons or other birds nesting underneath. In order to prevent damage to your solar panels, you […]

How Do Smart Meters & Solar Panels Work Together

how do smart meters and solar panels work together?

Smart meters are electricity or gas meters that are designed to help people manage their energy usage. If you have a smart meter fitted, as you use energy in your home it will record information about your energy usage and display useful information for you on a screen. Most importantly, it will tell you how […]

Charge Your Car with Solar Power – The Ultimate Guide

charging your electric vehicle from home

If you’ve got an electric vehicle, you are probably keen to enjoy the savings it brings as well as reducing your own carbon footprint. But what if you want to boost those savings further by charging your car with your own solar panel system? Charging an electric vehicle with solar panels will not only reduce […]

What is a Solar Diverter UK

solar diverter being charger by the sun

Many UK properties have Solar PV systems installed to benefit from free, clean electricity. But did you know that a solar system can potentially be set up with a solar diverter to bring you additional benefits and savings in the form of free hot water. What Does a Solar Diverter Do? A solar diverter is […]

Solar Panel Photovoltaic vs Solar Thermal Technology

Thermal Power Station

You may be aware that there are two types of solar panels: solar PV (photovoltaic systems) and thermal. Both function on harvesting solar energy and converting it into power for your home. While both are often used on rooftops, the similarities end there. So, let’s compare a solar PV system with a thermal solar system […]

Are Solar Panels Worth it in 2024?

Are solar panels worth it?

2024 is a very good year to invest in solar panels. Solar panels are already a common sight in the UK because they help the environment and save people money. However, with energy prices so high at the moment, the potential to save money is even better.  If you invest in solar panels in 2024, […]

How to Clean Solar Panels and How Often

how to clean solar panels

As a solar panel owner, you might think that once your system is in place, you can forget about it. While this is partially true because your solar panels will create electricity without your intervention, there may come a point when you want to know how to clean your solar panels and how frequently you […]

Solar Panels For A Garage: Ultimate Guide

guide to add solar panels to a garage

On many UK roofs, solar panels are becoming a familiar sight. That comes as no surprise given that these solar cells can potentially power your home the majority of the year, boost its market value, and lessen your carbon impact. Solar panels can be employed in many more places, despite the fact that most homeowners […]

Integrated Solar Panels – Ultimate Guide

solar panel installation man

Solar panels have come a long way from when first arrived on rooftops. From being overly large and obtrusive, they are now more aesthetically appealing to the eye, and indeed the pocket, providing the opportunity to power your home with renewable energy from the sun. Integrated solar panels combine a high level of energy efficiency […]